Approach to design of model flat:

The overall design approach to the model flat at Pimento entailed, retaining the spaciousness of the apartment by defining areas by usage, while allowing for the luxury of free space.We enhanced interest by differentially lighting unique elements like the double-height foyer and balconies that presented contrasts in volume. The use of lighting as a design factor allowed us to create drama – be it in the form of an oversized fixture in the foyer, the unexpected glamour of a chandelier over the kitchen island, or the natural light cascading through the windows of the balcony.The space itself presented opportunities for surprise, such as the nook abutting the dining area where created a library, and the spaces adjoining the bedrooms leading to the bathrooms that serve as optional walk-in closets. We’ve created options for the different bedrooms to showcase varying possibilities.

-Pritika Narang

Studio five architects


“Single level Condovillas”

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“Duplex Condovillas”

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